And the winner is…..

I did a little fun competition just before Christmas on my facebook page (Chako’s Tails) for clients and all Chako’s Tails friends for a chance to win a deliciously delicate meaty liver and bacon cake, smothered in a decadent marmite frosting and beautiful decorated in gravy bones??!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm!.  I asked all entrants to like, comment and share my page and tell me what makes their pooch so special.  The winner was John Burgess who submitted this poem about his dog Oscar:

He knows when I’m happy or lonely or sad
He knows before me if I’m awful or bad
He listens for hours not saying a word,
But will sure sing a song when he wants to be heard!
He loves the sun and hates the rain, licking my face is his most favourite game.
He’s a wiener, a hot dog, the real Schnitzel von Krumm
OMG, he’s even cute when licking his bum!
He’s Oscar my best friend, my sausage of joy,
He’s Oscar my family, our baby, our boy.


Pictures of the lucky winner and his prize…..

oscar the winner oscar the winner2 oscar the winner3 oscar the winner4 oscar the winner5 oscar the winner6 oscar the winner7 oscar the winner8 oscar the winner9 oscar the winner10 oscar the winner11